Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I am the #1 google hit for...

drum roll please

rat cartoon cancer

Rat cartoon cancer. Why would someone google that? And how is it that out of about 304,000 hits, my blog is first? Gimme a WOOT.


  1. Oh Deary me.. That deserves a Woot a Woohoo and a couple of yippeeeees!!!!

    rat cartoon cancer?? hehehe I am sure that we can make a cute little avatar ..

    *skips away giggling*

  2. Um, congrats!! Yep, and why... really, why? What do they hope to find?

  3. I can usually invent some kind of smartass comment about almost anything ... but that just leaves me speechless.

  4. Maggie...I know. I cannot figure what the hell you could possibly be looking for with this one.

    Lou -- wow. I made you speechless. Something I didn't think possible...

  5. Oops. That last comment was me, not Thor. I always forget to change that when Thor has been using the computer...

  6. WOOT! I am SO glad to know I am not the only one that gets side show circus results for searches on my blog! Just visit my blog and use the fun with search engines label on the side. LOL

  7. Woot!!!

    So, it appears there is a dearth of cartoon rats with cancer, or cartoon rats fighting cancer, either one.

    It is obvious that you are filling a niche, here.

    Way to go!!!

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