Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How I Met My Honey...

Reba has this How I Met My Honey carnival going on today, and since it was such a magical moment when my husband and I met, I had to share...(click on the big red box to get to Reba's blog.)

Bemidji State University, Bemidji, Minnesota...Mark and I both lived in the same dorm (on different floors.) We didn't know each other yet. One Friday afternoon somebody knocked on our door and told us there was a dorm party kegger that night. I was eh about going, but my roommate really wanted to go, so I said I would go with her.

BSU is a dry campus, so the kegger was not on campus, of course. (Actually I believe most of us were actually underage, so we couldn't party on campus...)

Nope. This kegger was in a gravel pit outside of town. Yeah, isn't that magical? It was drizzly and kinda chilly. No electricity, just somebody's boom box playing and a bunch of people standing around drinking and chatting.

That's where I met Mark. In a gravel pit, standing around in the rain, drinking beer. Very romantic.

My children want to know why we didn't make up a better meeting...

edited to add...Wow. Could I be any less romantic? My husband is the romantic one. There is lots of mush potential -- I could mention how even now -- twenty(mumble) years later we still touch each other -- hold hands, snuggle on the couch, long hugs when we happen to wander past each other. And maybe I could mention that after these twenty-whatever years, all the various places we have lived, and all the people I have met, Mark is still the only one I can ever imagine being with forever. There's your mush...


  1. Awwww!!!!! ow romantic!!! that last part I mean! i've missed that carnival, and there's no tiume to do it anymore, we're off to France on a photohunting trip! I really hope the weather holds! No rain will be too much to ask I fear!

  2. I really enjoyed the story and the mush that followed, thanks for sharing!

  3. hehe love it!

    no parties at my alma mater. no dances. no alcohol (that they knew of heh). Abilene Christian University. woo hoo

    by the way, my parents met in a bar. he was playing in a band and SHE bought him a drink hehe

  4. Love can find ya anywhere! That is the romantic part of it all. And I like your mush factor too. Very sweet. :)

  5. Your story is only slightly less romantic than mine and Robert's and we still enjoy the same kind of mush you mentioned at the end. Maybe less romantic beginnings create more romantic long-runs.

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  7. You've already read my mushy story.

    Love, all wrapped up in the wide world of coincidence and in-laws.

    Damn, you know with my ex-fiancee being my wife's matron of honor, it sounds like we're from Kentucky...

    sorry to all you Kentuckians.

  8. Aw, I like the mushy. That's awesome. The story of meeting is one thing, but the years later and still snuggling part is what's really important.

  9. The mushy stuff is the good stuff. Annie and I are together more than 30 years and we still touch whenever we are close enough. We hold hands ALL THE TIME.

  10. Oh my goodness. I LIKE that story. And the edited mush. :)

  11. I picked Jeff up when he was hitch-hiking..

    so you really can find some good things on the side of the road... hehehehe

  12. snort. I met my honey at St. Cloud State U. He passed out and I helped write on his with sharpie and stick cheetos up his nose! :)


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