Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Movies I Loathe...

There are some movies that are incomprehensible to me. The ones I just go, "WTH? How does anyone not understand this movie is a complete piece of crap?"

Oh, I know you're out there. Millions of people went to see Spiderman, and Spiderman2, and Spiderman3. Huh? Worst movies I have seen in the last couple years. (Okay, I saw Spiderman on DVD, I slept through major chunks of 2, and seriously. Do you think I am going to subject myself to 3? Right after I embed several large meat forks in my thigh. 'Cause that would be more fun.) They made Peter Parker a pathetic sad sack who has a martyr complex.

Honestly, Spiderman is one of the comic book characters I could never take. I used to babysit some kids who loved the Spiderman cartoon -- the one where they used one shot of Spiderman swinging between buildings. He would swing to the left, they would reverse it so he swings right, then another reversal and Hey!Johnny! he's swingin' left again. Genius. Cheap genius. Or just cheap production values...

And anything with JeanClaude VanDamme.

Movies I hate.


  1. I absolutely loathe Jim Carrey even typing his name has caused me to *shudder* eeewww..


  2. I like a couple movies Jim Carrey has done, but I hate his version of humor. I don't find him as a person funny at all. The movies I like are the ones where he is much more reined in.

    Actually I like them despite Carrey being in them, like "Minority Report" and Tom Cruise. Really liked the movie, really don't like Tom Cruise.

  3. EEEW Tom Cruise. I liked born on the 4th of July but that is probably the only film of his that I have been able to forget that I was watching tom cruise...

  4. *note to self: you are not julie, you don't know julie, you will be deleting julie from your blogroll*


  5. Jean Claude Van Damme!! He's from Belgium, did you know that?
    I don't like his movies either!


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