Sunday, April 27, 2008

Seattle Skyline

I have been playing with my 30 day free trial Adobe CS3...

Here's the photo I was playing with today. It's from the deck of the cruise ship leaving Seattle on our way to Alaska. Not a great's gray and cloudy and dreary. Typical Seattle in the fall and winter, really, but not what I want. Yes, my reality is fluid and changeable.

After I cropped out superfluous water and sky...

I went arty. I like the blocky cutout look of this one, and the way the black building on the right is reflected in the water.

With this one, I added some lighting and punched up the depth of the color and the contrast. Still a gloomy day, but brighter.

This one is what Seattle would look like if it were in fact in Hell, rather than Washington.


  1. Ha! Another reason I need to try photoshop. I can put things/people in hell that I think belong there. And I have a list. A very long list ;) That does look pretty cool.

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  3. Wow. Two spammers in one comment thread.

    Complete with a request for updations about recent cancer information and a singing heart.

    Hey Maggie -- I didn't think of it that way...I like Seattle. I don't want it in hell...but now that you mention it, there are definitely some things I am going to have to hellify...

  4. Great work in Photoshop. I have CS2 - still trying to learn how to use IT properly, so it's going to be a while before I upgrade to CS3. Meantime, the spammer I want to get my hands on is that idiot from Brazil. All of the comments start with the same text, but they point to different places. I have a hand grenade just for him and his computer.


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