Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...

Thirteen Answers to Tasina...

#1 - I hate wind and earthquakes. I love lightning storms.

#2 - yay! and yes you do.

#3 - this is just wrong. And cats hate me. I think they sense how dog person I am. I had a dog that was 16 years old, and all he did was sleep. It was like having a cat, maybe, and it was boring.

#4 - I couldn't care less about celebrities. But I still get sucked into trash tv sometimes.

#5 - hahahahahaha. I also annoy and offend people who have no sense of humor, and those who tell me things for my own good.

#6 - Yes, that counts...I have over 1,000 books and dozens of DVDs -- you are me. I have a bunch of religious icons from all over the world and from many religions. My favorite is the glow in the dark Jesus. But it is not a collection. It's just a bunch of cool (and/or very tacky) art.

#7 - If we are ever in a vehicle together, you have to drive. I lived in Europe for too long, and got rather aggressive tendencies for speed and merging. But I am a careful speed demon...

#8 - um. Never taken a pregnant laboring woman in my car. What were they thinking?

#9 - I so cannot eat oatmeal or rice pudding strictly because of the texture. Whew. We are the same person.

#10 - I can't knit. But I can sew and bead and crotchet and scrapbook and take photographs and do other stuff. I hate sewing on buttons. I know it takes like two minutes, but it just seems like such a huge chore.

#11 - I don't wear black. I live in the desert. Wearing black is like telling the sun you want all moisture in your body to be vaporized. But my favorite sweater is a black v-neck, and I wore it repeatedly in Italy. I feel naked without my watch and this stretchy band with a pirate charm my kid didn't want, but I rarely can be bothered with necklace and earrings.

#12 - There are a few Cartoon Network cartoons I watch with my kids. But I spent their tiny years forcing them to listen to grown-up music and smart shows, because I hate cutesy so very very much. Thor's favorite song when he was two was Bette Midler's version of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.

#13 - the forehead thing.

Now if you want this to make sense you have to go to Tasina's blog and read her Thursday Thirteen...

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  1. Nice answer back! I know someone who would *love* a glow in the dark Jesus. Apparently you do, too ;)

  2. Black is good for me to wear because it makes me look slim so I hardly wear it in the summer cause it gets so hot here! Happy TT

  3. You're so funny. My cats would like you. They'd HAVE to, right? And Mojo won't eat any toddler around me.

  4. That's awesome! Great idea Julie!
    I love lightning storms too, oh and um ... I'm a cat person, but you already knew that huh?

  5. I think that you two have given me carpal tunnel with all that clicking back and forwards.. hhehehehe

    Yay to both of you..

    cheers kim

  6. I think it's more fun just to read the answers and make up my own questions.

  7. Marilyn9:32 AM


  8. ROFL at your post and Tasina's :) Brilliant idea to do this!

    I am so glad to hear that I'm not the only one with insta-gag-reflex with oatmeal and rice pudding...and yes, tapioca too, bleh!

    GReat replies :)


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