Sunday, April 20, 2008

Holy crap....

Zach got a tattoo yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A PacMan tattoo!!!!!!!!

I didn't get to go watch him get tattooed because I was walloped by a migraine and spent the day and night and part of today feeling really freakin' lousy.

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(Can I just point out what really great biceps he has, even if one is now maimed by PacMan?)

He has been talking and thinking about this for months and months, it wasn't a spur of the moment thing. I am still fairly freaked that Zach has a tattoo. It's permanent. And he keeps pointing out to me that he knows someday his arm will be all wrinkly and bumpy and Pac will look terrible, like when he's 40...He's a funny boy, talking smack about 40 being old, since Mark and I are both over 40 (when the hell that happened I don't know. I mean, I know it was 4 years ago, but still, I don't feel 40.)

Thor rather liked the idea of getting a beserker -- a Viking warrior who was insane in battle -- as a tattoo. ( Look up Beserker.... A little research is good for the brain.)

Tess is not down with the idea of a tattoo. Girls are smarter.


  1. Actually that is quite a cool tat..

    Tell him not to scratch it. Bepanthen is a really good cream for tattoos..


    xx kim

  2. I love it! And not all girls are "smarter" at least according to my parents. I got one after mulling it over for literally YEARS and now I'm planning the "rest" of it. Shhh... don't tell my mother.:)

  3. I have been thinking about getting a tattoo. Maybe when I hit's something I could do on the big day. Or not. What is fun about thinking about it is that my children (10 and 7) are so appalled and upset by the idea. Hehe :-)

  4. I think it's cool, and I hope Zach does in X number of years, too. For guys, it's easier to conceal if desired. I wanted one at 18, promised myself I could have it at 30, wasn't sure what I would want permanently inked on my body forever until a couple years later and got a Hello Kitty tattoo with far more to the story than would meet the eye, and I'm convinced I'll love it forever.

    Oh, yes, and no scratching. No soaking in water/pools/Kool-Aid. Nice mild soap and always with the mild lotion. Happy healing to Zach!

  5. When my daughter was 12, she wanted a tattoo.

    After a year, when she still wanted on, and hadn't whined, and after my wife researched for good ink artists, we surprised her with a trip to the parlor after a basketball game.

    She spent 2 hours studying what picture she wanted, and got a 4" rose (in color) just above her left ankle. She spent the rest of the basketball season wearing low top socks, just to show off her tat.

    We were the most hated parents. All the girls wanted one then.

    About a year later, California made it illegal for minors to get tats, even with parental permission.

    After she turned 18, she got a small turtle on the top of her right foot. Her brother got a tribal (yech) on his right bicep while he was in the Army. His wife has 3 tats, and her sister has 4.

    My kids love tats.

    Me....not so much.

    But if I got one now, at least it wouldn't get wrinkly when I'm old. I'm already old!!

  6. I am pretty sure Zach had a good shot at convincing me to get a tattoo with him...perhaps that migraine was fortunate.

    But then I am setting a precedent -- if I get a tattoo with Zach, then if Thor gets a tat, I am stuck getting another one...

    I realize I didn't mention that I really like Zach's tattoo!

  7. I got my first one when I was 15 -an "S" on my right shoulder blade. At the time it was for "Steve" whom I later married (and divorced). Now I tell people it's for "Stupid" ;) I got my second one when I was 18. I'm now 35 and I'd love to have them both covered over with other things. My tastes have changed, and fortunately since they're both small this should be easy. My hubby's talked about getting one for years, but still hasn't (maybe this year - he's turning 40).


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