Friday, April 11, 2008

Bleh. (Warning: Contains Dog Sick.)

Zach's friend and his friend's girlfriend stopped by to get Zach...they are on their way to get their tuxedos, since prom is this weekend.

I went out to see if Zach needed any money (because I don't like him to drive around with no cash. It's a mom thing, I guess). Mojo sneaked out the door with me and then proceeded to


That's right -- Mojo just threw up on the shoe of a teenage girl who has never been to our house before. Way to be welcoming, Moj.

She was very cool about it, though. Apparently she has pets and thus understands their tendencies toward this sort of thing.

I am really happy she wasn't wearing sandals...


  1. OMG, now *that's* funny. Of course, it wasn't my dog. Or my shoe. It's a pet thing that I think other pet people totally understand, so I'm glad she was cool. Sandals - oooh, yah, that wouldn't have been good... ;)

  2. *Note to self, only wear Wellies to Julie's house*

  3. Oh man! Poor girl. Indeed barfing seems to be a pet thing. So glad she was so understanding....and not wearing sandals.

  4. You folks seem to have a way with vomiting lately? Is it catchy?
    Hehehe, I have a cat who pukes all the time, it could happen here too!
    No, it wouldn't, she's too shy to welcome anybody, so I guess your toes would be safe!

  5. hehehehee I am so pleased that she wasn't wearing sandals as well..

    Lucky he isn't one of those dogs that try to hump your legs then..

    cheers Kim

  6. No, Kim -- our humper is Abe, and he only occasionally humps Mo. It's so very charming...


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