Saturday, November 01, 2008

Weekly Winners.

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Squirrel. I know it's just a squirrel. But we didn't have squirrels in our neighborhood in The Neitherlands or in Tucson, so we missed them. We don't see squirrels around our house in Anchorage either, actually, since there are no trees that are not saplings anywhere near my house. We saw this little guy at the Alaska Zoo.

Or maybe we don't have squirrels near our house because we have foxes. The dumb dogs did not even notice when this guy ran past our house.

We found a great beach on the northwest side of Anchorage, along the bluffs.

You know what else is on the northwest side of Anchorage? The airport. Airplanes come roaring over the bluff about every five minutes. (Anchorage isn't a hugely busy airport, thank goodness.)

Earlier this year, we saw this momma and baby walking up Ship Creek. This week I saw a momma and baby not far away from here, and the baby was much bigger. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me. I still get excited every time we see a moose.

Our fall colors, last month.

I really did not mean to make a six-boobed alien creature birthday cake for my son Thor's 16th birthday...(follow the link for the full story of one of my really not shiny happy mom moments. )

And finally, your moment of Zen.
Taken from Bodenburg Butte, outside Palmer, Alaska.
This one is Mark's (my husband) photo.


  1. I thought it looked like eyeballs...

    Such great scenery. MUCH different than Arizona!

  2. ♥ all the nature/scenery ones~just awesome! My very fave though is the Zen one :)

  3. Yay for the squirrel... I would like to see a squirrel. What are they like? Are they annoying or do they just go about their business doing squirrel stuff?

    I might make a boobie cake for Dave's birthday next year muawhahaha...

  4. Oh and the autumn colours are just F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.

  5. I love the last shot. So pretty. Good job.

  6. I LOVE that little squirrel shot!

  7. Last photo is amazing. I like the shot you got of the red fox too. Good work!

  8. All kinds of new things about life where you are, huh? Love that last shot so much!

  9. Beautiful! Love that last photo, so eerie. Also love the cake, it's not nearly as boob looking as you must imagine.

  10. I really like the six-bood alien birthday cake.....but that's just me!


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