Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday, and Monday...

I missed a couple days of Nablomogojoetheplumber or whatever it is (apparently I do not want to waste the four brain cells it would take to memorize the 10 letters that mean national blog every damn day even if you have a net negative things to say so you post a meme and then repost your first ever blog entry and then a photo of your tongue and then another meme and then a long discussion of your dog's last poo...this is a reflection of my blogging abilities, not yours, please take no offense!)

I missed it because of random malaise and stuff. The CPAP is good, except that I have this damnable cough, which means I wake up in the night and give up on the machine, because hacking cough + positive air flow up the nose and out the mouth + air leaks + discomfort because of sinusitis = NO SLEEP FOR JULIE.

On nights when I do not attempt to cough up a lung, two feet of intestine and a kidney, the CPAP is working good. Unfortunately I have approximately eight to ten years of too little sleep to catch up on, so once the cough is gone and I actually get to use the CPAP to sleep all night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will get caught up on all my sleep deprivation in like say...2020! Woo! Okay, that's a bit of a will be 2017 at the latest.

The weather is cold cold cold. Which is fabulous, because I like cold so much better than hot hot hot. It was foggy again last night, so we have a thicker rime on everything. I took some more photos yesterday...

And I am hoping the clouds will burn off so I can take some more today, since the frost got even thicker overnight. Looks like it will, there is the slightest hint of a possibility of blue skies starting.


Today Tess and I went to see High School Musical Three. I had a stabbing headache off and on most of the day, so going to see this movie was not at the top of my reallyreallyreallyreallly fun things to do.

The movie was a little...scant, meaning they could have fleshed out some of the storyline a little, but the singing was good and the dancing was really fun. Not something I would watch again and again, but in the category of "movies I cannot believe I had to sit through for the sake of some random child", HSM3 pales in comparison to the Care Bears movie I took my niece to, and the Pokemon movies my kids HAD HAD HAD to see. I would watch HSM3 again. I would drive an unsharpened pencil two inches into my own thigh to avoid the Care Bears and Pokemon (I almost said four inches, but decided that was a bit much. BTW, Mica, you still owe me for taking you to that Care Bears movie. You ungrateful wretch.)

(Okay, I have posted every day but Sunday now, because Sunday was busy avoiding taking Tess to see High School Musical Three day and making Mark a fake lasagna hotdish for his birthday, which was actuallly on Friday, fake lasagna because I didn't have any lasagna noodles. It was really pretty good. Maybe tomorrow I will post the recipe on Sunday, so then I will still be caught up with the Nablahblahpomo. I am fully cognizant of the fact that much of this particular paragraph is not only grammatically challenged, but confusing and possibly nonsensical. You're welcome.)


  1. You're cracking me up over here. The photos are beautiful! So sorry about the cold, that isn't helping matters. I'm interested to see how the breathing thingy does work after you're up to snuff (does that qualify as a pun? no?) Glad to be caught up on your goings on. I'm exhausted from posting every day, too. I'm out of ideas. Time to post a video!

  2. Oh My God I had totally forgotten about the care bears.. *shudders*

    I am a bad blog friend I have missed the bit about the oxygen.I am going back to read about it now.. sorry.

    For nablomeho why dont you just post photos each day.. hint hint.

    and that last paragraph made perfect sense to me.

  3. oh and for fake lasagne when I dont have lasagne sheets I use potato, sliced really thinly instead.. yum

  4. The scary thing is that this whole blog made perfect sense. I understood the frustration, the sleep depreivation, the horror movies and the beautiful pictures and the making of fake lasagna, and would love the recipe for it since hubby doesn't like lasagna and I could call it something else since it doesn't have the tell-tell noodles in it.

  5. Makes sense to me. What does that say about me? And Julie - you ain't seen cold yet. Not by a long shot. Although your proximity to the sea will moderate your temps during the winter, it is still going to get COLD.

  6. I can't imagine so little sleep or so much cold or having to endure such movies. Mmm, lasagna, fake or otherwise!

  7. Anonymous1:13 PM

    I don't even remember that damned Care Bears movie! It's so unfair to hold a lifelong grudge for something that I don't even remember.


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