Sunday, November 09, 2008

-Weekly Winners

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Mojo and Abe tearing around the back yard. Mojo is very big and very strong, and when he runs flat out, Abe wants to play, but has learned through hard experience that when Moj is running like this, he smacks HARD into anyone who gets in his way. Zach has also found this out the hard way...Mojo was running through the house, cut a corner too sharply and clipped Zach behind the knees. Both Moj and Zach went down hard. We laughed.
This is Abe diving out of the way. Mostly he stands in the middle of the yard and runs in circles when Mojo is going crazy. It's pretty dang humorous.
They are listening for the UPS truck. They love to go bananas when the UPS and FEDEX trucks go by.
It's getting cold. The dogs like to curl up together.

First snowplow of the season. Not the last snowplow of the season.

Sunrise over the Chugach mountains.

The worst Speed Scrabble starting hand ever.

The dogs love being under the table.

Tess about to be licked...

And her reaction when she was not quick enough to get away. Mojo has a very fast tongue.
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  1. Beautiful dogs. I like the action shot! The first one.

  2. Your dogs are just awesome. Love the shot of the snowplow and that amazing sunrise!

  3. Love the thrid and fourth dog photo. Nice job.

  4. I love me so puppies and some Chugach mountains! The snow plow, I could live without.

  5. Thanks for the reminder. The snowplows are coming! The snowplows are coming! (Like the Russians, but way more genial in their purpose.)

    Nice dogs.

  6. I LOVE those action shots! They really look like best friends :)

    And I love that sunrise. Beautiful!


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