Monday, November 10, 2008

My (not so much) best moments...

Last year, I was helping my son paint a map of the United States on the playground of a local elementary school for his Eagle Scout project. We had to do it on the weekends, of course, because there are kids around weekdays. Fresh paint plus 500 elementary kids, not the best plan.

Mostly a teacher would come and unlock the gate for us, but a couple times we had to hop the chain link fence...I am not the most athletic and graceful person, but I should be able to handle hopping a four foot fence, right?

The way over, no problem. In fact, I gave Zach's pal, Michael, a really hard time for getting stuck halfway over.

Then, a minute later, I got stuck in the same spot. Really stuck. A bent up wire on the fence hooked in the seam in the crotch of my pants. It was painful.

Zach and Michael found this very humorous. They would, the wretches.

Unfortunately that was not the only bit of humor I caused that day...Abe had had surgery on his back leg and was confined to the cage (Abe is the dog, remember? I don't lock my kids up in a cage. Usually.) We had to walk him in the backyard, because he wasn't allowed to run and tear around.

So as we are getting ready to go paint, I asked Zach and Michael if they had taken Tess out to pee. They just looked at me and said no, they had not. I said they had to do that before we could leave...

Zach said he had not taken Tess out to pee, but they had taken Abe out.

You know, sometimes you call you kid (or dog) by the wrong name and it's not such a big deal. Other times it could almost trigger a call from CPS.


  1. Yes, but it will all keep them guessing as to when to put you in the home. Senile? No. She's been this way for years! :)

  2. can't kennel kids? Oh crap, that's something I hadn't considered. What do you do with them when they're throwing up then?

  3. Donna -- my sister and I figure someday only close family will understand us. To the rest of the world we will be senile or crazy or demented...

    Cat -- you hand them to the Dad and run out of the house, of course.

  4. Sorry about that apple! Gawd, what a life huh? It's really odd...I feel like people should be able to tell what's going on just from looking at me. How it's possible to be in agony and nobody can see it, I'll never know. You there, lady with the baby: I'm not crying because I'm crazy, your kid is just reminding me of what I lost. Sigh.

  5. Yah, well, names are hard. So is climbing a fence. Both at the same time, almost impossible. :)


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