Friday, November 14, 2008

Warning: May Be Addictive...


Overload of cuteness right here.

Even just watching them twitch in their sleep is very cute.

And a gratuitous photo of Alaska...

Snow on my neighbor's fence. And sunshine! See the pretty pretty sunshine?

That pretty pretty sunshine is what is stopping me from taking an axe to something or someone. Today the sky is a uniform gray and I have lights on all over the house, because OUTSIDE IS GLOOM AND AWFUL. It's snowing, but teeny little tiny flakes that I can only see if I lean way over and look at the nearest telephone pole. Looking out the other windows, looking other places, no snow. Against the pole I can see the teeny little tiny stupid flakes -- they are not even worthy of the name flakes, they are fla. They are starting to accumulate, though. I guess if it snows for hours and hours and hours and hours we might get an inch of new powder. Wee.

This morning when I went out to get the paper I noticed that someone had pulled into my driveway to turn around...which is normally no deal big or otherwise, but.

I had shoveled only my side of the driveway. We park both the Suburban and the Jeep in the garage, and since Mark has been gone I didn't shovel behind his Jeep. I meant to have the kids do it, and I figured there was not much point to doing a lot of shoveling, it was likely to snow again before he gets home, I was feeling lazy, my ears were getting cold...

And now the snow is packed down where that idiot pulled into my driveway, and I will have to do some scraping to get rid of it so we don't have icy patches. That idiot could have been considerate and pulled into the other, shoveled half of the driveway, but apparently consideration is not part of their functioning brain.

Now I have to go shovel the other half of the driveway, because Mark is coming home this afternoon! Woot!

Jientje -- surprisingly so far this winter we have had more sunshine than we did when we lived in Geleen, NL (which is near Maastricht). I think it's a lot like the weather there, lots of cloudy days with a little sunshine now and then, enough to keep one sane. Except that it's lots colder, so we get lots of snow instead of rain. At the moment, I prefer the snow...sooner or later, though, I will be be so very very ready for the damn stuff to melt already.


  1. That post makes way more points than the prior one :) The photo is lovely. And what a jerk! Maybe it was an outsider in a rental car? Didn't know any better? Turned around because of the fla blizzard? Who knows. Sorry bout the scraping. YAY for Mark coming home!

  2. It is pretty Julie, I love the picture!
    More sunshine then?
    Now you made me jealous, but not of the cold. I don't "do" cold either!!
    I must have been a tropical plant in a previous life then?

  3. I love the discription of a fla storm. That is what we had in the panhandle lots of times. Little tiny flas.

    I hope you get all the sunshine you need to stay sane.

    Love the picture of the fence. Snow piled up like that always makes me smile.


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