Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Just waiting

for the first results of the election. My kids will be home from school soon, both wanted to stay home and watch the news because they are really excited about Obama.

However, I know they would have watched it for a while and then wanted to play Fallout 3, the video game they got yesterday...

Zach and his roommates had a Halloween party this weekend. They told everybody no alcohol (they are 18 and 19 year olds), but they assumed that somebody would bring some any way.

But nobody did. The party was inadvertently dry, because everybody thought somebody else was going to bring the beer. One guy left, but everybody else stayed, played video games and Twister, and had a great time.

Just goes to show that not all college students are preoccupied with drinking.

Oh, yeah, Go OBAMA!!!


  1. Hurry for Zach and his roommates. It is refreshing to hear that some kids really do have it together and aren't preoccupied with drinking. (Now where did I put my shaker of salt -- this margarita needs some.)

  2. If I ever learn to proofread, I might be dangerous. That is HORRAY or Zach and his buddies. :)

  3. Now I'm embarrassed -- three comments for one word -- HOORAY according to Webster -- Sorry about all this nonsense.

  4. Patsy, you cracked me up completely!

  5. And so he did!!
    Best news ever!

  6. Wow, a beer-less party! Very adult. Also, YEAH OBAMA!

  7. Anonymous12:07 AM

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