Thursday, November 13, 2008

Last night.

Just before sunset, most of the sky was covered with clouds, but off to the west, it was clear. So we had another fairly decent sunset. And we had sunshine in the house for a couple minutes, although the dogs could not sleep in it, unless they jumped up on the kitchen counters and slept standing up.

Our days are now about 7 1/2 hours of light. Because we are northwest of the Chugach Mountains, we don't see the sun currently until about 10:30 in the morning (it's light out around 9-ish, but actual sun shining down on us, not til 10:30).

It's very gray and gloomy a lot of the time. Like the Pacific Northwest, but dry and cold and snowy. And unlike the Pacific Northwest, we get occasional glimpses of the sun. I can dea lwith the cold and the gray and the short days, as long as I have hope of those occasional glimpses...


  1. An occasional glimpse like that could last me awhile. That is incredibly breathtaking. Gotta be really strange, though, isn't it with the sun coming up so late?

  2. It's beautiful. I've often considered moving up there, near my family in Wasilla, but don't know if I can handle the darkness. It's bad enough down here (although sometimes colder). I've only visited in the summer and fall. I can dream though! And live through your photos

  3. Such beautiful pictures....

  4. It sounds like you are going to need one of those *sun* lamps before this winter is over. Those are great pictures. Burrrrrr though. I won't tell you today's temps. :)

  5. Wow! Those skies are amazing. I'm sure they would carry me through some of the cold and gray days too.

  6. It is breathtaking, but I'm not sure I would be able to live through one of your winters! I really need some sun, and I need a lot of light. ( yeah, must have been a plant in a previous life!) We have enough dreary days in Belgium, you know what it's like from when you lived in Holland. I really need to see the sun on occasion!

  7. Hi there! Your blog title caught my attention on Cat's site.
    Those pictures are beautiful!
    However, I was born in Arizona, so I don't think I will ever really appreciate snow.


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