Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fog Glazing

It was foggy yesterday and this morning. It is also pretty dang cold, right now it's 16 degrees.


All the trees and power lines and stuff have a glazing of ice crystals.

This is the tree in my front yard, and the woods across the street where the bear killed the moose last summer.

(It's also a very gray day, so it's hard to get a non-gloomy photograph. Argh.)


  1. It looks beautiful, but only because I'm viewing from a distance. I would LOVE to live up there someday, if only for a few years, like a test drive. Maybe I'll just come and live with you. My velociraptor impression would totally cheer you up.

  2. It's tough living up there. Nothing like the desert you're used to. And, of course, you're headed into your first winter. There are, however, more clear days that not coming. Once the winter actually settles in. Theres a web site I've been watching for over a year the looks at the Augustine Volcano, down Cook's inlet from Anchorage. So I kinda know your weather. heh, heh. Glad it's not me.

  3. To me that is a beautiful picture. We had days like that in the panhandle. Of course, ours would melt just about every day -- I'm afraid yours won't. At times the ice would become so thick though that the branches would break and the high line wires would snap. Not fun or pretty then.

    Stay warm.

  4. Those aren't gloomy. I think they're pretty.

  5. Wow, that is crazy beautiful but so very damn COLD looking. Makes me want to bundle up inside near a roaring fire and take a nap with the cats. I'm generally inclined that way anyway, but this tips me over the rest of the way. Stay warm.

  6. Wow! Looks like a winter wonderland :)

    I grew up in a Florida and I'm still trying to get used to scenes like that here in New England. It's so cold!


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