Saturday, November 01, 2008

My very best moments...


A couple years ago, I was Tess's Brownie Girl Scout Leader. We had some big event in the gym on the little tiny Army installation at Schinnen, The Netherlands, and I had tons of stuff to haul there and set up and haul away again.

I was loading stuff into my car after it was over. I took a bunch of stuff out, set it on the hood, got the car unlocked, and dumped it on the front seat and went back in to the gym get another load...

When I got in I realized I didn't have my car keys anymore and the car was locked.

So I got somebody to call the MPs and this very nice ( and young. When did soldiers get so young? Oh, yeah, when I got older) MP came out to help me get into the car.

We were trying to get it unlocked and not having any luck, so he went to check about calling a locksmith.

It was then that I realized that I was wearing my jacket and a zip up hoodie under it, and that I had stuck the car keys in the pocket of the hoodie.

And then I realized that the driver's door was unlocked.

Yeah. I felt like a genius. I told the baby MP that I found the keys. I really didn't think I needed to mention that the car had been unlocked the whole time.


  1. Now that is a great story.

  2. hahahahaaaaa girl...i've SO done that! except, it was AFTER the locksmith was called. ooops

  3. Hehehehe, that is totally awesome. I love it.

  4. And to this day that kid is tellin' the story of the lady that never lost her keys and thinks she put one over on him.

  5. That so sounds like something I would do. At least, though, he didn't get the door open and you immediately lay the keys in the front seat and close the door when you turn to sign the paperwork. Yes, I'd locked the car again. When the guy quit laughing, he unlocked the door again -- and didn't even charge me!


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