Friday, October 31, 2008

Apparently I am a slow learner...

Last night, I was making roasted potatoes, which involves boiling potatoes and then tossing them with onion and garlic and spices and baking them for a while...easy.

So I filled the pot with water and put it on the back burner. I grabbed the wooden cutting board (you will see in a second why it is a very good thing I use a WOODEN cutting board...) and set it on the front burner, so I could cut up the potatoes and toss them in the not-yet-boiling water. Yeah, I know it's not the best idea (really, I KNOW it's not the best idea) to put the cutting board on the burner, but the side of the stove with the big back burner is next to the corner of the counter and there's no room to work on that side.

Then I promptly turned on the front burner. Not on purpose, but just like the faucet in our shower, it's the opposite of our stove in Tucson. (I kept adjusting the water colder when I meant to make it hotter when we first got here. I got over that pretty quickly, because I shower every day. Apparently I do not use the stove every day.)

After a half a minute or so, I smelled burning...For a second, I thought one of the kids had once again spilled something on the back burner. Then I saw a tiny wisp of smoke curling up from under the cutting board, and I realized what I had done. AGAIN.

That's right. Two of my wooden cutting boards now have circular rings of scorching on one side.

You would think that I would either stop putting the cutting boards on the burners OR start being more careful about which burner I turn on...

You would be wrong.


  1. This reminded me of my aunt and uncle's long-furred cat, who made a habit of sleeping on the stove, and wound up with those burner rings on his hing quarters more than once.

  2. Is going out for a nice dinner somewhere that has those big and doughy breadsticks an option? That's what I'd pick after such stress and torment that's not your fault.

  3. I feel your pain. That really sounds like something I would do -- or have done or ..... Some day you will figure it all out --- hopefully before you burn the house down.

  4. Yep! Been there, done that!
    I have circular rings on my cutting board too, but not from my stove, that would not be possible because I use induction. But when a pan gets too hot ( mind you, induction IS very powerful!) and you quickly take it off the heat and onto the wooden cutting board, it results in the same round scorched circles !
    Happy Halloween!


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