Saturday, October 04, 2008

Ironic...And waaaay TMI. I suggest you don't read it.

You're reading it. I wash my hands of it being TMI. You were warned...

Yesterday I willingly ate a radioactive sandwich.

Yesterday afternoon it suddenly occurred to me that I take 6 pills a day to reduce my chances of getting colon cancer -- people with Crohn's have a much higher risk of getting it, I guess because instead of smooth healthy happy shiny cells lining our intestinal tracts we have cranky irritable damaged ucky cells lining our intestinal tracts, and those suckers are much more likely to go mutant.

(Yeah. I have a truly scientific mind, no?)

So suddenly it occurs to me that I have radioactive poo working it's way down my colon. And in my truly scientific mind, radioactive egg + cranky colon = cancer.

Not really. I know it was a very weakly radioactive bit of egg, and that the risks of this test are small.

But in my non-rational part of the brain, I am thinking "I need to poo. I need to poo."

And true to my uncooperative digestive tract, I didn't have to poo. Not as soon as I would have liked, at least.

Good news, though, the new anti-nausea drug seems to work, without sedating the hell out of me. Woot!


  1. You must remember I teach 4th and
    5th graders. A little talk about poo isn't going to bother me in the least. There is probably a good joke in there somewhere, I just know where it is.

    And you have snow!!!! Right now I'm so jealous. We are still hot, hot, hot. The mornings are a little cooler, but on the whole still hot. I miss fall and even winter. But then again in the Texas panhandle we didn't have winter like you are about to experience. But still you had snow beautiful white snow. Enjoy it for a bit before it becomes too much to enjoy.

  2. Hehehe, I love the scientificity of your mind (you do science, and I'll do new words, like that one). Glad the anti-nausea drug is working!

  3. OR you could look at is as precautionary radioactivity since if (and that is a big unlikely if in my opinion) you did get cancer, it would be treated with radiation...

    Glad everything is working out with the drugs!


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