Saturday, October 18, 2008

Glad it wasn't me...

The other day, a couple of teenagers that live across the playground from me were snowboarding down a little hill in their back yard. (You can see the slope between the houses in this photo. Also note the picket fences around our backyards. They are made of PVC.)

They had some sort of bar or table or something that they were sliding across at the bottom.

I glanced out the kitchen window and saw one of the kids slide down the hill, across the little bar or table or whatever, and then fall over backwards and knock one of the pickets out with his head.

Some days you just have to take your giggles where you can find them...


  1. Whilst I am glad it wasn't you.. it would have been very funny if it was.. I have taken some sky shots for you
    cheers kim

  2. I'm so glad we've 'hooked up' again. I've missed you.

    Oh, and thanks for sharing your giggle. Could only have been better if I'd seen it myself.


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