Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's snowing again!

I am still having issues with photos and computers and being able to upload very tedious.

But I did manage to get these two photos from a couple days ago -- this is our first snowfall of the season. Tess made a little snowman (she also smashed it with a shovel, but I didn't get a photo of the carnage.).

The other is what made ME happy -- after the snow, the skies cleared and we had a little sunshine. That's the view out of Zach's window. (I know Zach lives in Tucson, but when he is here that's his room. And it's where his shoes are...I think one pair of shoes is about all he has here at the moment.)


  1. Will Tess's snowmen get bigger as the snow gets deeper? Wonderful shot of the clearing sky.

    Smiles from where the low as 52o this morning and 80o now at 5:30 (twelve hours later).

  2. I love the one AFTER the snow, gorgeous sky!
    Too bad you're having trouble uploading pictures, I used to love your Weekly Winners!

  3. I miss your photos as well *sigh*..


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