Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is my life...

Tess and Thor came in the house with some Halloween decorations. Tess made a sudden lunge at Thor with some sort of torch, and said she had set her brother on fire.

Thor of course fell to the floor screaming and writhing.

And my response: "Tess, not in the house."

**************** ******************

Also, I would like to report that there was a mouse in the house for hours earlier this week, and the dogs never noticed.

A leaf blows across the back yard, they are on high alert.

The UPS truck and the mail man's jeep make them bark like crazy. A dog walks down our street, they are gonna let the world know.

But the fox that ran right outside their backyard and the mouse in their house -- they were completely oblivious.

You know, Mojo is pretty smart for a dog. But really, that's not saying much.


  1. My cat used to be a good hunter in her younger years, but now I don't think she'd even blink if she saw a mouse!

  2. Dogs are silly. If leaves ever start doing break-ins, you'll have your watch dog ready.


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