Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random Photos.

I have been trying to organize my photos on my new computer.

I got Photoshop Elements 6 for Christmas this year (yes, I am fully aware that it is not Christmas yet. That's right, Marilyn, not only did I open a present early, I opened it three months early.)

So it found somewhere around 15,000 photos on my external hard drive and cataloged them all into one big pile. Didn't import the folders or the tags or any of that stuff. Ugh.

So to be able to find the photos I want, I have to once again go through and sort them all. 15,000 photos. I have done a couple hundred.

Because instead of sorting photos continuously, I keep stopping to play with them.

The results of my playtime:

Abe thinks the recycling bin is his toy bin. Any box or plastic bottle that hits the bin is fair game for him.

Wild flowers.

Amazingly enough, when I yelled "dance!" to the kids when I was taking pictures, they danced. I cut them out of the photo (Thor was tough to cut out. He ended up in pieces on several layers). Then I used motion blur on another copy of the photo, and dropped the cut out kids on top of it.

I was trying to do the same thing with a photo of Mojo. But the first time I cut him out of the photo, for some reason I accidentally left his tongue behind...

So I started over, and ended up with this photo...

I still hadn't figured out the selection tool, so I couldn't cut out Moj without taking some of the rocks with him. But I like how Moj and the rocks he is standing on are the only things in focus in the photo. I really like the way the motion blur echoes the "grain" of the rocks.

If you click on the photos, you can see them big. Because I take really big photos...


  1. I love the one of the kids dancing and the thought of thor being the trickiest to cut makes me giggle..
    (poor mojo lol)
    So you only have about 14 thousand photos to go..

    when I sit down to do anything with my photos I lose hours ooops... I get my new camera in a few weeks and I am so excited I can barely contain myself.. I might have to buy myself photoshop for christmas.. thanks for planting that idea in my head

    *skips away* xxx Kim

  2. Marilyn8:46 PM

    I am TOTALLY not surprised that you opened your Christmas present early, because Photoshop Elements 6 is only the latest in a line going back DECADES. I'm betting #1 on your list of "things required in a husband" was "gives in to me when I want to open my presents early"!!!!
    The picture of the kids dancing is fabulous! Hey, to cut things out more easily, use the "magic extractor tool." I just found it, and it is much easier than selection tools.

  3. I didn't figure out the selection tool has a + setting and a - setting, and that the - setting makes the selection smaller.

    Now I know about that and it's much easier to use.

    I did another photo of a forest where I cut out two birch trunks and made the rest kind of dark and fairy tale scary.

  4. Cool --- you guys are making me want photo shop. But I would spend way too much time that I don't have playing and would never have a photo album --- I don't now and I don't have all the neat stuff to play with.


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