Thursday, October 16, 2008

Things I Didn't Know Before I Moved to Alaska.

Alaska really is a different place. I had no idea.

See that bright orange thing under Mojo's chin? That's a bear bell.
A BEAR bell.
You strap it to yourself when walking through the woods, so that the bears hear you coming and wander away.

Personally I think it's a better idea to just wait for all the bears to go down for their long winter naps, but my husband doesn't think walking past every store on each floor at the mall is a hike.

So instead we wander the woods, near salmon streams, and depend on $2.95 worth of metal and velcro to save us from the bears.

Apparently Alaska saps IQ points.


  1. Bear Bell -- I hope it works!!!

    Stay safe -- please.

  2. Not that there are THAT many people who get eaten by bears in Alaska, but in a state where the population is as low as it is, you need populator you can get and you certainly want to keep what you got. Especially the good lookin' wimmins. *wink*

    Wear that bell, darlin', wear that bell.

  3. Lions and tigers and... holy crap! You really have bears! I'd have those bells sewn to my ass and every other part of my body. Just in case.


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