Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Moving in.

I know I moved in a while ago, but I was digging through my photos and found these...

I have no idea why this box is labeled "cowherd". It's not from this move, because Mark's rank is listed as O4, and he's an O5 these days, so I think it's from when we moved from Fort Lewis to the Netherlands. It's from the kitchen, and I think I had rather a plethora of cows in my kitchen in Lewis, so perhaps it's just a joke by the guy who packed up my kitchen...The world will never know.

I was rather unhappy to find that several vital parts of my espresso machine were not packed with the rest of it. My kids are now in love with it because I use it to steam milk for their hot chocolate. Tess really appreciates the hot chocolate after that chilly walk home from school.

This summer we explored a little up in Arctic Valley -- there's a ski slope there, so I am sure we will be spending plenty of time there this winter. It was a cloudy day -- no surprise there, it was cloudy all freakin' summer -- you can tell from the grayish feel to the photos. The dogs got to run around without leashes. That's a huge treat for Abe, because he is completely untrustworthy and never gets to be off the leash.

A burrow of some kind.

We are so very happy to no longer live in the desert...

Thor poking around in the snow. Yup, there were small patches of snow up in the Chugach Mountains this summer. It was a very cold summer.

Mojo loves hikes.

Mojo was behind me on the path, running flat out. Unfortunately I happened to be walking past a mud puddle just as he went tearing past...


  1. I love the picture of all the boxes. I know that feeling. Best story goes to daughter #2. She gave up on labling boxes according to her *Each box was like opening a Christmas surprise. You didn't know what you were going to get.*

    Always a joy to visit you. :)

  2. Ah, moving. I have the very same espresso maker but in black. And with all of the parts. Beautiful shots!


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