Thursday, October 30, 2008

Routine tests

Those routine tests last week that turned into a call back for more testing...

I had the more testing this morning. Turns out everything is swell. I will get a letter in a couple weeks telling me everything is fine, and no further action needs to happen.

Which is great! I am so relieved that I am not going to add yet another drug or test or procedure to my already too big list of them.

I will, however, have to have this particular routine test more often than regular people do.

So, it seems that I am taking after my Dad, who we call the 1% guy, since with any procedure, any surgery, any treatment, any drug, he seems to be in the tiny percentage who have some weird or funky or bad reaction or unexpected result.

Makes life more interesting, I guess.


  1. There is always that exception to the rule, and you're it!
    Thank God, everything is okay, I'm so glad, Julie!

  2. I'm very relieved for you! Great news, and I'm glad you updated us.


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