Friday, October 17, 2008

Breast Cake.

It was Thor's birthday last weekend.

I always make them cakes. I usually wait too late, and then am scrambling to finish the dang things and sometimes that makes things interesting.

Thor really likes this game Spore. In Spore, you start as a teeeny tiny single cell creature, and as you grow a brain, you evolve and get to design your creature.

It is awesomely fun to design creatures in Spore.

You can also play online, and send your creature to other peoples' universes...Somebody discovered that you can make creatures that look like a penis. So people create penis creatures and send them to other peoples' universes.

So I thought I would make a Spore creature for Thor's birthday cake. Thor likes to put lots of eyes on his creatures, and eyes are pretty easy to make, so it was gonna be a six-eyed Spore Creature cake.

You know what else is easy to make with cupcakes? Breasts.

Yup. Thor's birthday cake didn't look like a six-eyed Spore Creature, it looked like a six-boobed Spore Creature.

Now it was his 16th birthday, and there is a certain rightness about having a boob birthday cake when you are a 16 year old boy.

Unless of course YOUR MOM MADE THE CAKE. Then it is just disturbing. And wrong.

So I scraped the nipples off, and redid the cupcakes so they looked like alien boobs eyes.

On the other hand, now I know exactly what to make for Mark's next birthday cake.

A Spore Penis Creature cake, of course.


  1. My Tom has been playing Spore. I may need to borrow your idea. I don't mind if they look like boobs. :)

  2. What is this Spore game that you speak of!? A game that promotes fictional creatures resembling genetalia has my number all over it.

  3. What a story --- this will be one birthday you'll remember even if Thor doesn't and be probably will, but just not mention it. I'm so glad I raised girls -----

  4. I never heard of Spore before but the story is very funny!


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