Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another meme. A questionaire.

I found this in a draft. If I remember correctly, you must answer each question with a one word answer. So I did that. Then I answered some of them with the real answer.

1.Where is your mobile phone? counter
What it is, annoying, horrible, old.

2.Your significant other?

3.Your hair?
ugh, meh, desperate need of cutting

4.Your mother? amazing

5.Your father?

6.Your favorite thing?

7.Your dream last night?
Really. The dreams I remember are always weird or lame or not for public consumption.

8.Your favorite drink? water
Because right now I shouldn't drink coffee, pop is bad for you, diet pop is horrible for you, carbonated beverages make me nauseated, juice has lots of sugar, milk is not great for Crohn's patients. That leaves water and iced tea. Except tea has caffeine. So. Water it is.

9.Your dream/goal?
A huge shed with water, washer and dryer for dyeing fabric, a room for paper crafting like scrapbooking and rubber stamping, a room for my sewing machine and all my fabrics, computer and a super printer for photography. And a big lock for privacy.

10.The room you’re in?

11.Your ex?
What more is there to say?

12.Your fear?
More specifically, clowns will eat me. I don't know. I don't have fears really. My kids choking. Global warming. POTUS Sarah Palin.

13.Where do you want to be in 6 years? dunno
I don't know where I will be in six days or six months, much less six years. In six hours, however, I will be asleep.

14.Where were you last night? bed

15.What you’re not?

16.Muffins? poppyseed

17.One of your wish list items?

18.Where you grew up? town

19.The last thing you did? breathed

20.What are you wearing?
A cosy old sweatshirt that has holes in the cuffs. I put my thumbs through the holes to pull my sleeves down over my hands.

21.Your TV?
The TV show. That's what we are watching. Lots of the time I have MSNBC or CNN on.

22.Your pets?
Two dogs, Mojo and Abe. We adore them, except when I walk them, at which time they are a pain in the ass.

23.Your computer? annoying

24.Your life?

25.Your mood?

26.Missing someone?

27.Your car?
Old. Beat up. Red. I love my 'Burb.

28.Something you’re not wearing?

29.Favorite Store?

30.Your summer?
Third coldest summer ever in Anchorage. Gray. Gloomy. Cold.
31.Like someone?

32.Your favorite color?
Orange. Blue.

33.When is the last time you laughed?

34.Last time you cried? dunno

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