Wednesday, November 05, 2008


On Monday Zach called me. He was stalled in the middle of a busy intersection. In Tucson. I am not in Tucson, I am in Anchorage. I was freaking out inside, because my baby was trapped in a dead car in the middle of a busy intersection and I am hundreds of thousands of miles away (okay, I know it's not that far, but it felt like it.)

I asked if there was somebody around who could help him push his car out of the intersection just as some kind guy came up and asked him if he needed help pushing his car out of the intersection. Whew.

Zach called me back when he was no longer a traffic jam, and I found out that the auto repair shop we always used has another shop not too far from where Zach's car was stalled. Thank God for teh internets. I gave Zach the number, he called and arranged for them to tow it and fix it, and then he called me back and chatted as he sweated his way to the nearest Starbucks (he got lots of money on Starbucks cards for his high school graduation. We have awesome friends who know Zach really well.). We have snow, and it is still hot in Tucson. It was 85 degrees there this afternoon.

His girlfriend picked him up, and they went off to phone bank for Gabrielle Giffords, the Democratic Representative up for re-election in Tucson. ("Hi, I'm Zachary, and I am calling for the Arizona Democratic Party to remind you that tomorrow is Election Day! Don't forget to vote!" )

Yesterday he was at the Victory celebration for Rep. Giffords, and we called him when Obama was declared the victor, and it was very loud and happy there. Giffords won, too, which is a good thing. She is very knowledgeable and a good Representative.

Zach called me a while ago. The car is fixed -- $179 including the tow and an oil and filter change. Ventana Automotive in Tucson, a really excellent business. They "cleaned up the throttle body and reset the computer" or something like that. Zach said the throttle is different, and the car is a lot more responsive now. I am not sure that is a really good thing...

This is Zachary this past summer, at the Portage Glacier, which is kinda near Anchorage. He's holding a chunk of ice off the glacier, and that look on Zach's face is him telling me to take the damn picture, because his hands are freezing.

(I think it's the Portage Glacier. I have a terrible memory for names.)


  1. I think I've done that to my Moma a time or two. Maybe it's the oldest kid thing? Maybe it's fact that no matter how old or young you are you need your mommy when things go wrong. Whatever the reason, I'm glad it all turned out well.

  2. Hi Julie,
    Happy to hear Zach and his car is alright. Did he tell you that he helped me bake for the annual bake sale? He was a life saver, just like his Mom! I miss you!

  3. God, I love kids. Fortunately, all of mine are still within fairly easy reach - but most of them have also learned to duck.

    Glad things worked out for Zach - our youngest is named Zachary, as well.

    Did you know your profile still says "Arizona"?

  4. Must be so hard to be that far away from the kiddo. Stupid car trouble, I can relate. Glad it didn't cost an arm and leg! I think I saw Portage glacier when I was there in '06, but I'm bad with names too.

  5. Yeah, that's what I thought! Hurry up mom, I'm freezing!

  6. Aw, very sweet. It is amazing, though, isn't it how much more in touch we can be now? I mean really, in the past it would have involved walks to pay phones and looking stuff up in the phone book. And then calling you later to tell you about it all. :) This is so awesome because it means you can help in real-time. Good stuff.

  7. Julie, you know Donna, my daughter, well, I still get calls from her --- My favorite was the morning she called at 6:30 to tell me she had just thrown up in her shoes and wanted to know what to do. She was one sick little girl and I am 350 miles away. The job of being a mother is never over.
    And I guess that's a good thing.


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