Friday, November 28, 2008

This afternoon...

Mark and I went to Target this afternoon, even though I hate shopping on the day after Thanksgiving.

I hate shopping in crowds, but the Target here has only been open for a month or so and is always busy. And Target had a couple of really good deals. We got two DVDs that Tess wants for Christmas for $12. New movies, $12.

We haven't been buying a lot of DVDs lately, since now we can watch movies on XBox Live with our Netflix account. Yesterday we watched most of the first season of Dead Like Me, a comedy about a girl who is killed by a toilet seat from the Russian space station and becomes a grim reaper. It's really funny and smart, so of course it was canceled after two short seasons.

A really handy part about having a teenage son is that you do not have to figure out how to sync the XBox to your Netflix account, because he will figure it out long before you even know it's possible.

Thanksgiving was interesting...I kinda forgot about getting up early and getting the turkey when I finally got around to getting the turkey out of the fridge, the fact that it was still frozen in the middle was a big bummer. Ridiculous, since the turkey had been in the fridge since Monday, but the stupid fridge works really extremely well at keeping things very very cold. I guess I shouldn't have worried about leaving the turkey in the fridge for four days.

And since it was a 17 pound turkey, the extra hour of thawing time meant we didn't eat until 7 pm. Oops.

I also forgot about making the pumpkin pie until the turkey was already in the oven...but since it had to cook for six hours, I had plenty of time to whip up a couple of pies. What I didn't have was evaporated milk. I was at the grocery store two or three times in the last week, and never once thought about whether or not I had everything for the pie. I had half and half and heavy whipping cream, so I dumped that in instead.

In the end, the turkey, the roasted potatoes, the corn, the cranberry orange relish and the biscuits were great, and the stuffing with sausage and mushrooms was fabulous. We love stuffing at our house. Love stuffing at our house. I made a huge batch of it, and there is maybe one serving left after supper tonight. Dang.


  1. All the prep and it's over too fast. You didn't mention how the pie turned out?
    Can't believe you went shopping Friday. I stayed home until one and then went out to donate platelets at Red Cross.
    Nice and quiet today. Making turkey and veggie soup for dinner. Watch TV, play cards...

  2. I like roast pumpkin and I like pumpkin soup.. Now pumpkin pie is that a sweet or savoury pie?

    And stuffing mmm.. what sort of sausage do you use?

  3. Sounds fantastic to me! I am looking forward to cooking for Xmas, it's one of my favorite things to do. And it will just be Gray, his mother and I, so no huge production required. Once, I left a turkey outside in the snow because there wasn't room in the freezer...and it got buried by snow and we forgot about it until the spring thaw. WHOOPS


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