Friday, November 21, 2008


Haikus about stuff on my computer desk.

soft soft peppermints
trader joe's in a round tin
but far from me now

tess won an IPod
but won no earphones alas
my red ones now hers

my red red headphones
shiny shine red puffy white
i miss you always

zip drive with once huge
memory capacity
now laughably small

cameras lens caps
lenses memory cards plus
memories galore

candy wrappers and
kleenex napkin bottle caps
kids can't find trash can

Haiku Friday


  1. That's super cute! I haven't done those in years, I'm really bad at them. I just don't understand why you can't sneak in an extra syllable here or there, you know, so it makes more sense?!

    Anyhow, re: salon
    Perhaps you should try explaining what you want before you take your glasses off, OR get really drunk. Both seem to work ok in test groups. Honestly though, I almost never go. I'll go blow $300 on groceries before I'll go get my hair trimmed.

  2. Love it, love it,love it. You are so clever.

    Enjoy the weekend. Stay warm.

  3. Patsy said it first.
    Well done, Julie. Stay warm.

  4. Remember the Haiku we came up with in Italia?

  5. Ooh, those soft peppermints. Those are just so very good. The ones with the little Christmas tree design in the center? Now I *must* buy some.


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