Thursday, November 06, 2008

Saw the doc today

The one who ordered the CT scan of my head, the ultrasound of my gut and the radioactive egg sandwich adventure.

All were normal. Excellent news. Even better, I don't have another appointment with the doc. I just get to go get my Remicade infusion every other month (which is doing a great job of controlling my Crohn's disease. I love modern medicine.). The doc stops by to say hi when I am getting the infusion, and that's all I need for now. Well, that plus blood tests three or four times a year (my old gastroenterologist had me getting those blood tests every other month, so this is better too.).

I may actually go back to going to the hospital/clinic only for Remicade, instead of going every week or two. It will be strange to not be having various tests and appointments and stuff.

I think I will get used to it though...


  1. Yea!!!!
    But I'm sure those who work there will miss getting to visit with you.

    Any more snow???? We were about 70today. Just thought I'd mention that.

  2. Oh, whew, what a relief! Yah, I bet you'll get used to it. ;)

  3. What great news! Does this mean we won't be hearing about your GI tract anymore? I'm going to miss it! But am super happy for ya


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