Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I hate breakfast.

I am trying -- not really succeeding but trying hard! -- to eat fruits and veggies for breakfast and brunch and lunch and midafternoon coffee.

Oh, yeah, and seeds and nuts -- specifically walnuts and pistachios -- in small quantities.

Because eating small meals spread out and avoiding carbs and meat helps prevent the midafternoon nausea thing that was the trigger for the radioactive egg sandwich and the head CT and the abdominal ultrasound.

So this morning breakfast is apple slices with strawberry jam and a small handful of sunflower seeds and pistachios and walnuts.

Not the good strawberry/blackberry jam I made last summer. Thor ate all that, the little rat. I am gonna have to make some more -- luckily I froze some strawberries and blackberries mixed together, which is the basis of the jam. I think I will use some sort of opaque container for the jam and label it broccoli or something to protect it from Thor.

Lunch lately has been spinach with the nuts and seeds, carrots, maybe some grapes, grape tomatoes, more apple. Not a great variety...

Which is why I don't know how long I can continue this. Buying produce in Alaska in the winter is very problematic. Everything has to be shipped in, and the quality is often not so great. I am going to have to branch out into cooked veggies I guess, because how many damn apples can a person eat?

Thank God for Costco -- Costco has great apples from Washington. Really good apples, individually packed in those weird little clear plastic suitcases (which sucks, because they are not recyclable. I am thinking I am gonna have to figure out some crafty thing to do with them, because I hate throwing plastic away. Got any ideas?)

The dogs like my lunches, because I always toss them a couple baby carrots. Abe has always eaten carrots, he loves them. Moj used to mouth them and then leave them laying around for Abe to eat. Back when we had guinea pigs, Abe and Weego and Roy (poor dead coyote chow Roy. No, not like that. He died and we buried him in the desert. I am sure some coyote smelled him -- he was really freaking ripe -- and dug him up.)...

Abe and Weego and Roy used to all get carrots for treats and Mojo was left out. I don't know why he wouldn't eat the carrots. He eats cardboard and bits of vinyl toy and chunks of plastic water bottle, so why would carrots ergh him out? Freaky dog.

And I don't know what tripped in his little brain that he likes them now. Moj is a mystery for sure.

The apple/strawberry/nut thing is good, but we have Parmesan bagels from Costco in the drawer. Costco has awesome bagels. Awesome. Delicious. Fabulous yummy bagels, with crusty Parmasan cheese on them. One of my favorite breakfasts, but no. I am reduced to my daily apple. Woo.


  1. I like the idea of labelling your strawberry/blackberry jam like broccoli!! You're so clever!

  2. Carrot eating dogs - that's a new one.
    When I was really serious about dieting when the girls were home I used to label stuff *Mom's* and they knew they would hear about it if they ate it. Boys might be different.
    Good luck on the many mini meals. I don't think I could do that.

  3. haha i love the labeling idea!

    the other night i made a salad with canned chicken (eww i know) tossed in EVOO and lemon pepper, baby spinach, avocado, grape tomatoes and balsamic breeze salad spritzer (1 calorie per spray!) and girrrrrl it was so freakin good. you should give it a whirl ;-)

  4. Hmmm a tricky situation. We go through this when Gray is doing South Beach Diet (except the fruit is forbidden as well). Maybe you could get some ideas from that book? I have two copies if you want me to send one up there. Also, I don't know what your history with eggs is, but that's a good way to fill up without carbs in the am (or on a sammy for lunch). I'll try to think of some other ideas...I'm not sure what all your restrictions are, but will try...

  5. When I was growing up in N. CA. we had a dog that would go out in the garden and pick and eat peas. Cute to watch. She'd pick the raspberries and eat them too; she knew which ones were ripe.

    On a 4.75 acre place my dad had about 30-40 apples trees. I gagged on apples, too, for a LOOOONNNNNNGGGGG time after I moved away even. Now here in MO I would LOVE to have a good apple tree.

  6. Good ideas, thanks!

    Jientje -- I have often thought I should hide ice cream in broccoli packages! Save it from the kids and husband.

    Patsy -- yeah, the eating lots of small meals is kinda hard -- what I find myself doing is eating stuff that doesn't require being hot or cold or consumed quickly -- I eat an apple while I am surfing the web or reading the paper, I have a bowl with grapes and carrots and nuts and tomatoes and spinach and just grab handfuls as I am doing other stuff. I think it only works because I don't have a job right now.

    biddy -- I cannot believe I didn't think about avocado. THat would taste so good with the other stuff. I get grilled chicken breast strips from Costco and toss those on a salad. Very good. Thanks for the reminder about avocado.

    cat -- I will have to check that book out of the library. I hadn't thought about looking at diet books for ideas. Thanks! I could try hard-boiled eggs...I can't do fried eggs and I really really like scrambled eggs with cheese on toast, so the no bread and no dairy thing blows that one. I don't really have restrictions except that I am trying to avoid stuff made with flour -- bread, bagels, pretzels, stuff like that -- and dairy, because dairy is not the best idea for Crohn's patients. But I am not giving up ice cream or cheese. Milk, yeah, okay, but cheese, never.

    calfkeeper -- you don't know what you had til it's gone, right? I lived near a wonderful apple orchard in Minnesota for a while. I didn't know how great their apples were and how much I loved being able to buy all kinds of apples from them until I lived half a country away.


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