Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weekly Winners.

Not a lot of photos this week. It was busy this week, the kids were finishing up the work for the quarter, as they are starting a two week break. One of the joys of a modified year round school year. Zach (my about to be 18 years old first born) and I are going to Italy next week with his high school art club. So we have been getting ready for that, too.

The mountains to the south of Tucson, which makes them the Santa Ritas. Or not. But I think that's what they are. Like you would know if I am right or not.

Our school district has a big celebration every year -- art work and achievements and displays and performances from all the district schools. The yellow elephant/frog gargoyle is Thor's work (Thor is my 15 year old middle kidlet.) I hope it doesn't weigh as much as Zach's head...we are fortunate to have the Army move us, but we are only allowed so much weight for each move. Zach's head weighs a ton.

This is Zach's head. It used to have hair, before it exploded in the kiln.

Zach's girl friend going up to get her award from a local news celebrity. I like the movement in this photo.

This is the display with the giant check Tess's school (Tess is my 11 year old youngest kid) got when they won the Greenest Grade School in America contest. Tess got a green IPod Shuffle. I got twelve bottles of All detergent.

If you take enough pictures, and when your, I mean subjects, aren't ready, you get great photos like this.

I like the blur and sense of movement in this photo too. Or else it's just a crappy photo of my son's work. If you make it bigger I think it looks better. Or else I really didn't take any good photos this week.

This one you really have to click on and enlarge to get. I used the shadow setting to really get details of the mountains to pop. Unfortunately the shadowing makes the desert in the foreground look like Mordor. (Yes, Tasina, that is a reference to the dreaded Lord of the Rings. Sorry.) Definitely a photograph and an idea that I will be messing around with some more.

Weekly Winners is the fevered brainchild of Lotus. More winners can be found HERE!!! Go look. I'll wait. I have that whole extra hour since we in Arizona do not in fact spring ahead. No one in their right mind wants the sun to shine any longer than it has to in the summer here. I think we should do a reverse daylight savings time -- a daylight abandonment time, where we fall back in the spring, so that the sun rises and sets earlier. Spend a summer at 107 degrees and you will understand.
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  1. Grrr LOTR. That is a gorgeous picture. I think I'm maybe just not understanding my camera.

  2. Beautiful shots, and I *love* the mountains.

    Daylight Savings is silly.

  3. Anonymous3:40 AM

    Fun schools stuff. Can't wait to see your pics from Italy.

  4. Oh how fun - you are always a riot. Come by mine (here: Me and M&M) and see my one "picture." Shouldn't take long, but if ya wanna stay, I'll get ya a cup'a joe or someth'n-someth-n. We'll hang out.

    *huggies with antibacterial wipies* what. it's cold season ya know.

  5. I am so with you on the daylight wasting time thingy... We are approaching the end Yay.. and I cant wait until it is daylight at 6 am again... I hate hate hate getting up in the dark time...

    oh nice photos btw... hehehehe kim

  6. I love your pics, always!!

  7. Love favorite was the beautiful.

  8. Wow. That mountain pic is fantastic!

    Please visit my post; have a great day!

  9. Great pictures - I love the mountain one - so pretty!

    I moved my clock ahead this morning and almost cried! I like fall way better, where we get an extra hour back!

  10. These are great! The mountains really did pop!!

  11. I have to tell you, I like the Mordor shot! And nice artwork your kids produced!

    Happy WW!

  12. beautiful pictures! and what talented kids you have!

  13. That last one is amazing! All of them are... And I agree, the movement is great.

  14. I like the weird ones ! Hehehehe!

  15. Love the landscapes!

  16. Lovely landscape shots. LOTR notwithstanding. Just where is the entrance to Mordor?


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