Tuesday, March 04, 2008

If It's Tuesday, It Must Be...Traveling Tuesday...

Places I have been...

Five Trips I Have Taken

Cruise to Alaska.

Family Reunions in Minnesota

The Vatican.

Skiing in the Austrian Alps.

Houseboating Down the Canals in France.


  1. Wow, gorgeous! You have been around (I mean that in a good way!). I was thinking this morning how I wish there'd have been such thing as an affordable digital camera when I did some traveling years ago because I would have taken far more pictures (and for me, the more pictures, the more likely I'll have a few decent ones). You have some good ones from your travels, and that rocks!

  2. *is officially jealous of Julie's travels, but trying to maintain friendly attitude*

    I'm laughing so hard at your Minnesota family reunion picture. I have lots of family in Minnesota and Iowa and every last damn one of our reunions involves those silly yellow paddle thingies. Is it a state law or something?

  3. Maggie -- I am jealous of the moms with digital cameras and little ones. I have thousands of photos of my kids, actual photos. Digital are so much easier.

    Tasina...I think they are cheap and very sturdy. We actually used one when we were in southern Germany (although that one was blue.) Apparently it's an international phenomenon.

  4. Marilyn10:13 PM

    Does the Pope know you took a picture in the Vatican? Isn't that against the rules? Or am I the delusional one now?

    I am so happy that Mo is actually getting better. He is the most mellow dog ever, even though he took up the middle third of the bed when I visited in Feb....

  5. You can take photos but not use a flash in St Peter's. So I was not in danger of being arrested by those guys in the puffy pants.

    You could have kicked Moj off the bed...

  6. Great Pictures. I'm going to London in a couple of weeks or so and I'm taking my Canon 30D. I fully expect to take several hundred photos.

  7. Oh, man, I am kinda jealous, Lou, even though I am going to Italy. I love London! It's my favorite city in the world.

  8. I just want to be able to travel outside of Texas....:::sniff:::: I'm jealous!

  9. I am so jealous at you! The places you've been to, lived in! It's amazing!


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