Thursday, March 06, 2008

couple of notes...

First, y'all should read the comments. I have some truly funny people who comment here! Seriously crack me up funny people.

Second, I am getting my hair cut this evening, so I will photograph the whole forehead thing after and thus slaughter two winged creatures with one chunk o' granite -- you can see both that I no longer have an accidental mullet and the weird forehead thing.

Third, Jientje cracks me up -- she' s jealous of me and my traveling, and yet she lives in Belgium! Belgium is a gorgeous country, and they have the best french fries and chocolate in the western hemisphere. And beer brewed by monks. Thanks for your comments, Jientje!


  1. Jientje takes GORGEOUS pictures. So many of you just do amazing things with your cameras. I feel like mine have come from one of those stupid disc cameras from the '80s.

  2. I love your photos. The huge and flat landscapes of SD, your kids being goofy, the cats about to bite.

    I love your photos.

  3. And this email/comment conversational form is very strange...we jump from your comments to mine to email to my comments back to yours...very strange.

  4. Well now I want to do a random phone call, Twitter post, and perhaps a singing telegram.

  5. hahahahahahaha!

    That's what I mean! The comment section of my blog is very very funny!

  6. Oh boy. Fun with fotos.

    While I'm here. I tagged you - wanna play? Could be fun..One of'ems really cool -- if you haven't already joined in. Come by if you can and we'll have a cup'a joe or someth'n someth'n.

    Love ya - *smackies*

    ( Meme Catchup (Hold the Mayo))

  7. Beer brewed by monks,huh? Yes well I suppose we have that too! You know, if you live here, you're so used to all of that that you don't even realize it's special, or extraordinary! Oh and um.. Tasina, you've made my day, I am floating on a pink cloud and it's not even eight o'clock in the morning yet!

  8. Ah, Belgium. A country of which there is not enough, to be sure. But Then. Half of them want to be French. I have no idea why ANYONE would want to be French. But THEY do. They actually want to split the country - and I think the Flemish ought to just say 'See Ya!' and good riddance. Whew. That my spew for the day. I had no idea I felt that way until just now.

  9. Anonymous9:22 AM

    French Fries and Chocolate... Like, together? Cause while I love french fries and I love chocolate, never the twain shall meet!

  10. NO! Not together. French fries need curry ketchup, red onions, and mayo, washed down with a good beer. Then you eat a nice piece of dark chocolate for dessert.

    I can't remember all the different ways they offer fries in Belgium in the Netherlands...but where I lived in the Netherlands, there was a rib place that did rib meat on top of fries with bbq sauce. That was awesome.

    The sate fries -- sate sauce is a warm peanut butter sauce. I don't like peanut butter, so heating it up and dumping it on fries -- just disgusting. (Besides -- sorry Europeans -- the European version of peanut butter is not that great. Sorry.) Perhaps if I had had five or six big Belgian beers first...

  11. Yes Yes Yes I want to have a singing monk telegram conversation by phone with beer brewed by Jientje..

    Yay...but i think that I would probably be a day late, when it was my turn to say, Hello!!!! "check out that sky!!!"

    oh well there is always Italy..


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