Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's F.P.F.O.S. time again!!!

Kim (of frogpondsrock fame) liked the photo of rocks on Mount Lemmon. So Kim, these are for you!

Gratuitous shot of the desert around Tombstone. Yeah, that Tombstone, the one with the shoot out at the Okay Corral.

This shows the various environments you encounter driving into the Santa Catalina Mountains, from 3000 to 8500 feet. It's what I was talking about a couple posts ago, how you go from Sonoran Desert to Pine-Oak Woodland to Mixed Conifer Forest...

The rocks along part of the road are very cool. Great place to take pictures.

The drive up to Mount Lemmon is a great place to take photos. The first scenic overlook is a great place to take pictures at sunrise and sunset. Not that I have firsthand experience of sunrise there, or anywhere much, but sunset, it's good.

It's a little freaky, at times, because these rocks look verrrrry precariously balanced...


Mark, are you surprised? I included a shot of me!

My mom is not a big fan of these kinds of roads...but she thought the views were worth it.
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  1. Thanks Julie.. I am going for a walk later on today (monday) to take some tree photos for you..

    Those rocks inspire a real sense of awe... I could feel their power through the photos..Wow.

    thanks heaps..Kim..

  2. Hey, Kim, feel free to borrow any you want!


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