Monday, March 10, 2008

Thanks, my anonymous flamer....

Now I am getting google hits from Germany for hedonism club. Gross.


  1. I agree with Tasina that is Awesome..

    Now what happens if I mention that your anonymous flamer was seen having feral sex, under the bridge, whilst three billy goats gruff went trip trap trip trap...etc etc..

    (((hugs))) Distracto Lass

  2. Given that the whole world has the potential to see these posts, I'm surprised, really, that more of the f*&K(&g idiots out there aren't making pests of themselves.

  3. Wow, I never get anything cool like that on mine! Although, I do get a surprisingly large number of hits on my Holy Hand Grenade post.... hmmmmm. Is it Jihad or Monty Python fans?

  4. Have you sunk into a mad packing frenzy? Have you been abducted by Germans with loose morals? Back away from the pretzels and come back to us!! ;)


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