Thursday, March 13, 2008

pointy sharp spiny poky.

That's the Sonoran desert. Everything is pointy and sharp and prickly and painful. You do not want to trip and fall here...

Stuff is starting to bud out. I think this is a Palo Verde tree.

The teddy bear cholla. The warm and fuzzy cacti. Uh huh.

Prickly pear. Wanted. Dead or Alive.

Click this one to enlarge it. It looks really much better when you can see the detail. Click it. Now. I mean it. I'm waiting...

If I were a cow, I would not eat this grass.

Little baby pointy things.

Unforgiving environment.

See all that stuff? All of it wants to scratch and poke and stab and hurt you.


  1. Boy do they look sharp, horrible!
    Came to wish you an enjoyable holliday in Italy! See you!

  2. Have a great time in Italy... can't wait to see those pictures! I bet they'll be a little more "warm fuzzy" than the cacti. Although, the cacti pictures are really pretty, too -- in a pokey kind of way.

  3. Ok um. I guess you don't work for the Arizona tourism board, huh?


  4. Maybe I should work for them, Tasina...there are too many people here already.

    Don't come. Everything is dangerous. Even the air you breathe could be laden with hanta virus and valley fever!

    Somehow I don't think the AZ board of Tourism is gonna be knocking on my door any time soon...

  5. gee this looks a lot like my hometown :-)


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