Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Random Photos. My (sorta) Wordless Wednesday.

stork mosaics on the ceiling, Cathedral, Aachen, Germany

Approximately a crapload of cheese, The Netherlands.

Medieval building, France

Probably best to turn right, France.

The Colosseum, Rome.


  1. :::sits here seething with wild jealousy at all the cool places Julie has been:::

    :::distracted by picture of cheese and is going to wander off to the kitchen to find some:::

  2. Actually, that looks like SEVERAL craploads of cheese along with a boatload of constipation and shitload of heart attacks.

  3. oh, geez. You guys always make me laugh. I never thought to take crapload of cheese literally, Lou...

  4. I have a complaint. Although your pictures are wonderful, the cheese photo is obviously only part of the cheese on display there in the Netherlands.

    Thus, I am unsure. Is the cheese in the photo a crapload, or was it the entire lot of cheese, pictured and not-pictured?

    I need to know this becuase I am updating my conversion charts and I am unsure exactly how to convert a crapload to the equivalent in metric or SAE.

    Please, assist me!!

    Tee Hee

  5. DA--- your decades of civil servancy are showing. And you are really good at it.

    What I thought at the time is that it can't be good for all this cheese to sit out in the sunshine...I was in a cave where they ripen cheese once. It did not smell all that tasty. (I think it was in Denmark, but I don't remember.)

  6. I love the comments here, they're great! I just wanted to say how jealous i am. But I already did.
    Somewhere down there!

  7. The comments crack me up, Jientje...Dang, I spell your name wrong every time. Jientje. Not that hard to remember. But I think I have spelled it wrong five or six times.

  8. Okay, what exactly is the order of "loads" in measurement...

    There's a crapload, but is that larger or smaller than a buttload, or boatload?

    Again, the green-eyed monster of jealosy rears its head...I want to travel. I may have to come visit you in AK!

  9. Well, I would think a boatload is bigger than a crapload, but a buttload...maybe two buttloads is a crapload?

    This requires further study.


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