Saturday, March 08, 2008


Today was busy, cleaning, getting ready for my parents' visit. And Vail Pride Day, a day for the schools to show off their kids' work and achievements. We spent several hours there, as Zach's girl friend got an award for excelling at all three sections of the AIMS test -- the Arizona standardized test. Then Zach and I had go run a few errands, getting ready for Italy! We leave a week from tomorrow.

The one thing I am not doing today is springinginging forward. We don't need no stinkin' daylight savings time. This is the wild west. We don't spring. Springing is unmanly.

So here's my favorite photo for today...Tess took a photo of Zach and I at Vail Pride Day. A truly excellent portrait. Really captures our true selves...


  1. I glom on Dylan like that too. Funny. Is glom a word?

  2. Okay, we are one, except for the mini van and now NASCAR thing. I am not a huge NASCAR fan, but my dad enjoys it, and I enjoy watching it with him.

    And yes, glom is a word. So is yoink. As in "I totally yoinked this cool shirt from Zach."

  3. hehehehehe great great great.. thankyou so much.. I have had an icky week. and you have cheered me up no end..

    Wow I thought that I was the only one who used the word glom... because I do tend to glom onto things..

    yay thanks julie..thanks tasina...

    glom glom glom glom

    kim xxxx


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