Friday, March 14, 2008


After three days of not being able to blog or read other blogs much, I have 550!!! unread posts in my reader!

Imagine how many there will be when I get back from Italy...

Stop writing so much!


  1. Just read the ones that matter. Like mine, obviously. LOL.'ll catch up...we'll be here waiting (and insanely jealous).

    Although now I have an evil urge to do a new post every hour called, "Check your Reader Julie" or "Here's another one for Julie" or "I hope Julie is enjoying Italy without me" or "Can we get Julie's reader up over 5000"


  2. Eek. Yep. Nutty. Do what you can. Blogging and blog reading should be FUN! (says me while I similarly freak out)

  3. heheheheheh I am so with Tasina on this one...

    btw I have an award for you..


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