Friday, March 07, 2008

The forehead.

Alright, here it is. The new haircut -- which is very much not what I wanted. But I am blind without my glasses and I did not realize she was cutting the hair on the back of my head very short, and leaving the front long. Like a freaking reverse mullet. I haven't washed it yet, so I am not sure if I need to go back and have it cut hard is it to understand "short and spiky"? Geez.

First there's the scrunching eyebrows together thing. I don't look too demented...

Then there's the raised eyebrows. Still not looking

But when you scrunch the eyebrows together and then up, you look like this. Not a really spectacular look.


  1. Yeah well, I had figured it would be something like that, hilarious!

  2. Hey, I do that look a lot.... it's the "confused" or "what the hell" face!

  3. O.k. a couple of things. First of all, I like the hair. Very cute. Second of all, no you don't have to wait until Thursday. I was brainfarting my way through a senior citizen moment, not remembering that Thursday is now the 100 Word Challenge day and not TT - at least, not for me. O.K., I lied, THREE THINGS. Third of all, is that a formation of flying saucers visible over your shoulder in your pictures? If you look at the last pic, one of them got away.

  4. Nice reverse mullet HAHA JK. I like it. We have exactly the same hair, only mine is long and has lots of highlights now so you don't see how thin and fine it is. I think whoever cut it did a nice job - really. You're purdy ;)

  5. Jientje -- thanks!

    Donna -- yup.

    Lou -- you caught me. We do have a formation of flying saucers in our living room, or else I forgot to put away the Christmas candelabra thingie and am still using it. Nice low key lighting. Hides all the dust bunnies and dog hair.

    Chuck -- Thanks!

  6. I like your haircut, but I understand not being content because I'm kind of hating my whole hair thing right now on several levels. If I could make my hair just do like yours looks, I'd be content, but it won't. It would rather look like ass.

  7. I think I make these same faces when trying to get coherent information out of the people (and animals) who live in my house:

    Face 1 - What happened?
    Face 2 - You did WHAT?
    Face 3 - Have you lost your FREAKIN' mind? and/or How much is this going to cost me?

    I kind of got that same haircut. Make the hair and glasses about 10 shades darker and we're back to you are me and we are you are me is she.


  8. Maggie...My hair only looked like that because I had just come from the salon. Right now, it looks like ass having a bad day.

    Tasina...we are one. Why do you have such fickle readers?

  9. I really want to add six more posts to get these photos off the front page. The last one is making my forehead hurt. My forehead feels like it just took a step aerobics class.

  10. I'm sitting here probably looking like a complete dork trying to make this face. And it does kind of hurt.

    I'll just sit and wiggle my ears. 'Cause I can do that. 'Cause I'm freaky. :D

  11. I have way deeper and more crevices on my forehead :( I like your haircut :) But I can relate...I'm rarely happy with haircuts.

  12. I love the hair!

    I love the glasses too.


    It's nice putting a face to the name.

  13. I did as I promised. The 'Thursday Thirteen on Saturday' is up.


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