Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weekly Winners!

Snow, Christmas -- complete with a new drum kit for Tess!!!, sled dogging, sledding, and more snow.

sledding on Christmas Day
christmas 2008_2759_edited-1

christmas 2008_2765_edited-1

Tess opening her drum kit. She was a little excited
christmas 2008_2988

hugging the drum kit
christmas 2008_2995

Christmas Day
christmas 2008_2907_edited-1

throwing snowballs
christmas 2008_2873_edited-1

using Zach as a shield against Dad's snowballs
christmas 2008_2865_edited-1

christmas 2008_2823

frosty morning

Mojo and Abe giving Zach a ride
aaazach dog sledding_2625_edited-1-1

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  1. It looks like you guys had a wonderful CHRISTmas~complete w/beautiful snow! Could you please send some my way here in Georgia~we hardly ever get snow anymore~if we do, it's just a light dusting. Great set this week!

  2. Oh my goodness, Julie!
    All that snow and your kids are so gorgeous and the snowball fights look like so much fun.
    Our Christmas day was so hot and sticky and there was definitely none of that white stuff around.

  3. Hope you have a soundproof room for her. LOL!
    I love that frosty leaf photo, I never get the opportunity for photos like that.

  4. She looks as if she was over the moon with her drum kit!! It looks like you guys had fun out there in the snow!! Favourite picture? Frosty morning!

  5. Oh Wow!! The snow looks awesome.. I got a bit sunburnt on Christmas day but luckily it wasn't too hot.. Tess looks rapt with her drumkit, Zach is looking good and gosh Thor's hair has gotten long..

    Happy new year xoxoxoxox

  6. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Gosh I take it she REALLY wanted the drum set :)

    Love the frosted leaf picture!

  7. Great set. My favorites are the drum set (I love her expression) and the kids hanging out.

  8. Looks like you had a great Christmas! I think she liked the drum set lol

  9. Wow what pictures full of fun ! It's ages I haven't been on a sleigh ! it just doesn't snow enough here in Brussels. Last year it not even covered the grass !

  10. Great photos! You are very talented!

  11. I love all the excitement in these photos! The last shot, though, takes the cake!

  12. Sorry, don't ask me how I did it, I was just lucky I guess!! I had a few but this one had the best composition!!

  13. I actually laughed out loud, like the real kind so that Tom turned to see why I was asking when I saw the drum kit excitement and hugging shots. So very perfectly captured! You know I'm loving all of the snowy shots, too. Kind of glad I don't have to be in it, but really love seeing y'all enjoying it. :)

  14. I love all of the snowy shots -- especially the first one with all the snow on the trees. 'Frosty Morning' is very cool, and I love Tess' face opening her drums!

  15. Great photos! I'm jealous, it got warm here and rained so all the snow is gone and now the roads are all icy. Bleck


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