Sunday, December 07, 2008

Weekly Winners...

A couple of these may have appeared on my Thursday Thirteen snow edition. I guess they are really my favorites for this week.

snow striping
more wind sculptures_2300_edited-1

war games
more wind sculptures_2315_edited-1

more wind sculptures_2326_edited-1

the crown
more wind sculptures_2304_edited-1

the snow is deeper than the deck
more wind sculptures_2311_edited-1

painfully cold

up on the rooftops
more wind sculptures_2303_edited-1

my favorite big yellow machine
2008 11 12_0515_edited-1

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas


  1. OMG Julie! These are stunning. It looks very very cold there.
    I love the first one. Love them all actually.

  2. I love the mountain photo. How beautiful. And, I really like the last two as well. We don't have any snow yet...I'm getting excited for some. Don't remind me I said that in February though.

  3. Sometimes I miss the snow! The beauty you have shown here totally makes me miss it!

  4. AWESOME!!! Love the soldiers!

  5. Nice set. My favorite was the foxhole.

  6. Wow, that looks cold, so very different from our weather!
    Love the fox hole photos, very clever! My sons would love that.

  7. ♥ all these snow pics~we hardly ever get snow here in Georgia! I think my fave is war games :)

  8. Brrr! That's all I have to say lol Great set this week. I really like the first one. Amazing where the snow will stick.

  9. SO PRETTY! We're finally getting 4-8 inches tonight and I'm so excited.

  10. WOW!!! That is a ton of snow. I just love the war games shot. that is so creative :)


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