Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Removal

snow lot

Snow removal and storage is a big deal here. We get lots of snow, and they need to do something with they load it into dump trucks and haul it to vacant lots, big fields, special lots designed specifically for the snow, and stash it there.

It's a big deal, because the snow really piles up. We got about a foot of snow, and they hauled ten or eleven dump trucks worth of snow off just my street, which is probably two blocks long.
In the photo above, you can see one of the lots they use for snow. It's mid-December, and there is a shocking amount of space left for snow...Everywhere we go, I see huge piles of snow, and lots that are like a quarter full of snow. I am thinking this winter has a very long way to go.

Good thing I am still thrilled to have snow!

Also, you can see the sun going down...I think I took this photo between 2:30 and 3:00. The sun sets at 3:30. Still weird, that. But there is sun sometimes, which is very important to me. It's also very important to those around me. Very very important to those around me...


  1. That must be a bit daunting to see the lots just partially full. We also got about a foot of snow today. Like you, the sun is SO important to me. It's setting around 4-ish here.

  2. Wow!! I never in a million years what have even thought of the problems of 'snow storage'.. Wow I am going now to tell the spouse, "Hey honey guess what they do with the snow off the streests in alaska....."

    thanks kim

    ps. (IPOD TOUCH)

  3. Can't they just...I don't know...melt it somehow? Get a bunch of guys to pee until it's gone? I suppose your way works, there's plenty of space to put snow up there! Uh, what did they do with it BEFORE dump trucks?

  4. Yep, snow removal in Alaska oughtta keep at least a few folks plenty busy. Less sun would drive me a little nuts. Even Portland got sun in winter, sometimes. :)

  5. That photo is gorgeous!

  6. I really NEED sun AND daylight too. I get cranky when the sun stays away for too long! Sunset at 3.30 pm? Oh dear!
    What happens if all that snow starts to melt? Hmmm, that does not happen over night I guess, it's Alaska, not Belgium, that's right!

  7. that is a beautiful picture!


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