Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reactions to my camera tossing...

No cameras were damaged in the birth of my camera tossing photos.

I am with Lou on this, my camera is too valuable and beloved and precious to me to risk the toss. So my new plan is that I buy my husband a new camera -- one that has the very important shutter priority setting -- and then use that to take camera toss photos. I doubt he will be thrilled with this idea, but he travels, so he may never know. (By the way, honey, I know you read my blog sometimes, and I would never ever do this for real...completely changing the subject, your camera's memory doesn't hold enough pictures, right? So maybe we should get you a new one.... ... ...)

And Patsy -- I cannot wait to try this out with a candle. My pyromania and my new camera tossing obsession...This could be very very fun. Dangerous to life, limb, camera, household furnishings and well, the house, but fun. Too bad it is now 10 am and the sun is finally coming up! But sunset is at 3:30, so I only have to wait six hours or so for it to be dark again. Another advantage to living in Alaska!

Thanks for all the comments...I am glad you thought the shots were interesting, because you will be seeing more of them. For sure.

And yet another shot of Tess buried in the snow. I am beginning to wonder about this girl, because she really seems to like being buried.


  1. That would make me claus-thefuck-traphobic, oh my god. Your child is not right in the head! Can't wait to see the candle/camera shots. Be careful!

  2. I may have started something -- yikes. I take no responsibility for damage done to anything during your experimentations with camera and candles.

    Tess is a mess. Brrrr, Child, brrrrr!

  3. I'm shivering just looking at that shot!

  4. She looks like she's waiting for a St. Bernard.


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