Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hey! I got more smarter!

blog readability test

Last year when I checked, this blog had an elementary school reading level.

It's embarrassing, really, to think that I am not writing convoluted sentences of great import, but instead writing Dick and Jane.

Except what is high school reading? Which high school? Thor's English class read the abridged version of Huck Finn, the censored and cleaned up version for those who might be offended by being reminded that slavery and racism were once accepted in this country. (I think it had something to do with needing to finish the book quickly, but it's really pathetic that a sophomore English class can't handle the full text of Huck Finn. ) Thor had to write about it, and he said it was really hard because all the controversial and interesting bits were gone.

Now they are reading Anthem by Ayn Rand, so it seems the abridged Huck Finn may have been a fluke.

And because I have to add a photo to every post, here's a photo of the rose bush in my front yard.

Rose Thorns


  1. Congratulations on gotted more smarted!

    Prickly picture!

  2. Oh and thanks for reading my 1-5. I think that story is part of why I feel so old

  3. Ouch! I can FEEL those thorns even from here.

    I read "The Adventures of huckleberry Finn", aloud, to my youngest son when he was 5. As a trained actor, it was, of course, necessary for me to do the readings 'in character'. I found, by the way, my kids found my 'women' to be funny - I guess I don't do 'woman' very well. On the other hand, I do 'black runaway slave' very well.

  4. Those thorns really are sharp!!!
    Lceel's comment made me smile!

  5. Heh, mine is still at elementary school level.

    Somehow even though I think an elementary aged child *could* read my blog, I don't think they *should*.

  6. mine is still elementary dear watson.. i wonder if it is because of all da pitchers

  7. i like the photo.... something about ice and snow, just so crisp.

  8. I never thought about checking out my blogs reading level. Check it out! Maybe the reading levels are randomly picked?


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