Friday, December 12, 2008

My auto's warranty has expired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I mean to let my auto's warranty expire? I can speak to one of their representatives and get it re-instated...

Yeah. I am always tempted to push one to speak to one of their representatives and ask about a warranty for my vehicle. I don't think it would do me much good though, since I have a almost 13 year old Suburban with 150,000+ miles on it.

Or maybe they would like to warranty Mark's Jeep, because it's only ten years old, or Zach's car, which is eleven years old...

That's right, we have no vehicle made in this century. Maybe next year we will replace the Jeep, or not, because Mark still likes it, and we are thinking of getting a sedan so that Thor doesn't have to learn to drive in the Suburban.

Why does my spellcheck think doesn't isn't a word? Or isn't? Is spellcheck an elitist snob what thinks people shouldn't use contractions? Plus it doesn't recognize spellcheck as a word, either. What a snobby elitist program. That I can no longer live without, and I find myself ocassionally writing a word WITH A PEN AND PAPER and then watching to see if the little red line appears because I am not sure if I spelled it correctly.

I also want to TIVO my world -- I find myself wanting to rewind radio programs and conversations, the way I can rewind TV shows on my DVR.

There are portions of life and conversations I would be thrilled to fast forward through, the way we rush through commercials to get back to the's appointments would take place at 4X speed and last about a minute. Washing dishes would be over in seconds. A visit from awkward friends and relatives would be hours long, rather than days and weeks and months and eons (come on, everyone has had a house guest that made every minute feel like hours.)

Right. Thor and the Suburban. I had to scroll back up to see what the hell I was talking about in the first place...

I think it will be good for Thor to learn big vehicles. I learned to drive in a 70's station wagon, probably with those fake wood panels on the side. I remember driving it once with the back seat down, and when I twisted around to look behind as I reversed, thinking that it felt like I was driving a lumber wagon, it was so far from me to the back door.

Now my parents drive a sporty little Lincoln, a great car, fun to drive, and isn't a geezermobile like the series of Grand Marquis that they used to drive, and before that those big station wagons.

Any way, I learned to drive in a big car, and I have no problem with driving big things. I love driving my Suburban, and I loved our F150 pickup. In Europe we rented big vans, nine passenger vans, sometimes, and even in the insanely narrow streets and crazy drivers of the Netherlands, I liked driving those big vans. Parking them, no. European parking lots are designed for teeny little fuel efficient cars.

But the Suburban is kinda big for Thor to start we are thinking that we should get some older sedan for him. There's no hurry though, Thor isn't really thrilled with the idea of learning to drive in the middle of winter when there is snowpack and ice on every road...

I was happy about changing phone numbers, because we got so many telemarketer calls on our Tucson phone. Unfortunately somebody named Barbara had our number before us, and apparently not only was she a bad driver -- we kept getting phone calls telling us "someone at this number may have a pending court date", and when I pressed one to talk to a court representative, she didn't believe I wasn't Barbara, and we kept getting those phone calls for a long time -- but she was a deadbeat as well, apparently, because we kept getting cranky collection calls.

I realize it's the oldest trick in the book to claim you are not the person they are looking for, but damn it, I am not Barbara. My name is Julie. I didn't get a traffic ticket and then ignore it. I didn't run up a big credit card bill and then not make the payments. I am not a scofflaw and a bad credit risk. The calls seem to have stopped, but since I don't answer the phone if I don't recognize the number, maybe there are still people on the other end of the line hoping Barbara will answer...

And finally, because I can, another random photo of snow. This one was taken by Thor, while I was shoveling the deck in our back yard...



  1. my husband and I get the same calls almost weekly. When you do press 1 they try to sell you a warranty and when you ask to speak to a supervisor they hang up on you.

  2. You are the best rambler I know.

    Kids can learn to drive anything -- big, little, mid-sized. I think for them the important thing is a motor and 4 wheels. At least it was for me and mine.

    Did I tell you it snowed here on Wednesday? Actual snow, big fluffy flakes. Of course, it didn't stick and the ground never even turned white here (not the same story just east of Houston). It was pretty falling though.

  3. I like your snow shots...It is summer here and I have the fire going brrrr... the long range forecast says it will snow on Xmas day WTF???

    I learned to drive in a big car. "The sexy red falcon" was so heavy in the steering that it was like driving a mack truck... but it was a big solid car and almost impossible to park in some multi-level car parks. Our car parks are designed for small fuel efficient cars as well, not for beasts like the falcon lol..

    Get him a big car that he can dent a little and not hurt himself in.
    David has an old magna of mine that he uses as a paddock basher here.. Kids can get their Learners licence here when they are 16 but they have to be 17 to get their Provisional licence...

    xxx Kim

  4. I still get collection calls for whoever had my phone before me, and I changed my outgoing voice message to say, "This is NOT so-and-so's phone. If you're NOT calling for so-and-so, please leave a message". The best was when, after living in my home for over a year, a repo guy showed up at our door late one night (I may or may not have been hammered) and was asking for Tiffany. He looked suspicious, like he thought maybe I was hiding Tiffany in my casement or something.


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