Monday, December 15, 2008

an explanation of the camera tossing.

Lou is right. I didn't throw my camera. Yet.

I was logging onto my flickr account and noticed this cool photo, which I followed to a blog about camera tossing. Which is what it sounds like. You point your camera at a light of some kind, trip the shutter and toss it. Hopefully to land on something very soft.

Since I was trying this out in front of my kids, and I knew they would want to try it as well, I opted to modify it a bit. We used the shutter priority setting, set the shutter speed to five seconds, and pointed it at the Christmas tree. Then we flipped it around, spun it, zoomed in and out, whatever WITHOUT ACTUALLY THROWING THE CAMERA. I love my camera. I would be more willing to throw one of my children, they heal. I know at some point I will GENTLY toss my camera, but not when my kids are around to get the wacky idea that it is okay to hurl Mom's precious across the room.

We ended up with what look like a lot of really bad shots of a Christmas tree, but an intriguing idea.

camera toss_2545_edited-1

Much much more experimentation is required...


  1. Very kewl! I have never heard of this before. I may have to try this :)

  2. Love this. LOVE. You could make money off those pics!

  3. Well, whatever you did it resulted in some cool shots. How would candles look done that way?

  4. Wow Julie! You're really going wild with that camera! That's some Christmas tree!

  5. I don't think I want to try it though!!! But the pictures are nice!

  6. Being a person who values a camera as much as he does, I am not in favor of camera tossing. The potential for camera abuse, even inadvertent, is just too great. But it WOULD make for some neat pictures. And, BTW, I REALLY like the shots you have gotten with your modified camera toss technique.

  7. That's me - alienating other people's husbands from thousands of miles away.

    How in god's name did you sanitize the ceiling? I'm really curious how that must have worked, I'm picturing you scrubbing a popcorn ceiling.

  8. I think these look like angels, kind of, and I think it's awesome as long as no cameras are injured, which they are not because you are doing it smartly. :)

  9. Thanks to Jentje, I had to come check this out. Cool idea, and my Christmas tree will be given this attention soon.


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