Friday, December 19, 2008

I am not alone...

Several people have admitted that they too misplace presents.

(I found the expensive one for Mark, the little very flat and easy to tuck away one, the one I bought and stuffed somewhere and promptly forgot where, Ifound that one. IPod Touch This very afternoon I am going to wrap it and put it under the tree. Then it will be Mark's responsibility to keep track of it. Whew.)

Tess has finished her shopping. Zach has finished his shopping, except for the most important one, for his girlfriend (Hi, Jessica. I have tried to help Zachary figure out what to get for you...I really hope you like it!) Mark IPod Touch and I have finished most of the shopping for the kids, and I have given Mark BIG HINTS about what I would like ...

Just in case you have forgotten, though, honey, here's the list once more:

An IPod Touch. It doesn't come in Orange, the way the new Nano does, but I can always get a skin for it.

One of those little teeny laptops. Handy for email and surfing teh internets.

A new espresso machine, since my old faithful has finally bitten the dust.

I cannot remember the other thing, so you might as well buy me the IPod touch...

We found a great present for Zachary, but I cannot tell you what it is because (Hi, Zach!) he reads this sometimes. After Christmas I will fill you in.

Thor is still thinking about whether or not he has all his presents. Apparently not. So we still have a little shopping to do. Argh. Unless of course it is a present for me, in which case Mark and Thor have some shopping to do. I can go along and wander off to a bookstore or Starbucks while they try to figure out exactly what they are going to buy me. IPod Touch...I am sure they have some nice potholders and wooden spoons at Target. (And IPod Touch, too...)

If I were a truly good person, I would mention to Mark that I got an $75 digital photography program that he thought would be a good Christmas present for me, and which I opened and started using a month or two ago. If only. IPod Touch.

And the Daily Joools photo...We were shopping at Target the other day (and man, I am so very very very very very very very very very very very very very happy that Target has finally come to Alaska!!!!!!!) and we saw these ravens in the parking lot as we were leaving.
Ravens at Target

And a bonus Daily Joools photo. Just because.

almost sunset

Oh, yeah, IPod Touch.


  1. Zach (son)7:01 PM

    I should never have told you I read your blog. I knew it would kick me in the ass sooner or later.

  2. Right, Zach. Like you would EVER want to know what you were getting for Christmas...

    Did you find great stuff for Jessica?

  3. Zach (son)9:17 PM

    I suppose not. Yes I did! But I already told her that you made an aside to her in your posting so I probably shouldn't say what I got. So hi Jess! Merry Christmas. I am going to go pack.

  4. Love the conversation between you and Zach here. I feel like I am evesdropping --

    Did you say you want an IPod touch for Christmas. I hope Santa gets it for you.

  5. Marilyn10:28 PM

    NOOOOO, your red espresso machine bit the dust? That is terrible. By the way, Costco has the same machine, called Via Venza or something like that - same Italian company, same buttons, only it doesn't come in flashy colors. But it does cost only half as much as our SB makers did. And Costco has IPOD Touch too.

  6. Marilyn10:30 PM

    Forgot to say - love your snow on trees almost sunset photo. Beautiful. And you bought Elements 7? me too.

  7. When is Zach leaving for Alaska?

  8. It's so gorgeous there! And I think you deserve an iPod Touch. And need espresso to keep warm. And a little laptop thingy to keep the blood flowing to your fingers while sipping espresso.

  9. I head up to Alaska through Salt Lake tomorrow evening! I cannot wait to get there.

  10. I cannot take snow photos like you! Mine suck! WHat is the secret???


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